Just Fab – My Top Secret Source For Stylish Heels

As I mentioned earlier, I am crazy about shoes. I even posted a pic of my shoe closet to prove it! A good chunk of my heels come from the online site Just Fab where members get access to shoes for forty bucks a pair and their very own celebrity stylist who picks out shoes for them.

The celebrity stylist part is neat but some months I’ve found that I don’t really liek what’s picked out for me. But there are lots of other options and styles that you can buy besides the ones that your stylist picks for you, so I’ve managed to find some great stuff through here.

Just FabThe very first pair that I ever ordered from Just Fab were super fabulous and I like this first pair almost more than any other pair that I’ve ordered in the past. I’ve worn them more than any other pair in my closet in fact! They are so sexy and perfect. However, they did run small and are a little tight. I went up a whole size larger than normal and they still feel a little tight, but they are so cute that I don’t care. I would rather suffer in pain then let these go to waste. By the end of the night every pair of heel I own hurts my feet so I figured what does it really matter!

For $39.95 I didn’t know what to expect from my first purchase at Just Fab but I must say I was very surprised at the quality and fit of the shoe. Though the heel is very high and sometimes I have some issues with very high heels, I have no problems with this shoe. It’s very comfortable, easy to walk and dance in, and the metallic color stands out. Great shoe, not only for the price but overall. I probably would have paid over $150 for this shoe and still been happy.

Ever since Kimora and JustFab teamed up back in September I have seen nothing but great things and I expect it to continue! The shoes are awesome and the price is unbeatable. I am sure that i will be shopping here for many years to come. Thanks Just Fab!

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