Being Fabulous Starts With The Feet

If there is one thing I have learned through months (and years even!) of surfing online fashion blogs and reading magazines, it’s that looking fabulous starts from the feet up. That’s what I believe anyways…. And I have the shoe closet to prove it!

As you can see I am a girl who is pretty much shoe crazy. But the thing is, I don’t really spend a lot of money on shoes which is why I am able to feed my addiction without going broke! I find a lot of deals in both retail stores and online. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tips and secrets here with you all so be on the lookout for that very soon.

My favorite types of shoes to wear have to be sky high heels. I think the higher the better! At first I wasn’t really able to walk in 5 inch plus heels, but after some time you get better at it and you can actually walk/dance without falling on your butt or looking like an idiot! There is nothing that I hate more than to see a woman in sexy heels who has no idea how to walk in them. I feel so embarassed and have to turn away!

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